Positive health and wellbeing – health is much more than the absence of disease, or feeling just ‘OK’. It’s a state of positive physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing, which enables you to thrive.

Evidence-based practice – nutritional therapy is based on applied nutritional science, physiology and biochemistry, so my recommendations are informed by the scientific literature, clinical experience and clients’ feedback on what really works.

Getting back to the roots – lasting benefits depending on addressing root causes, so I work from a Functional Medicine perspective, with the aim of correcting underlying imbalances in the body’s processes, and so improve the functioning of its systems. This in turn can help to alleviate symptoms, manage complex conditions, and head off the insidious development of chronic disease.

Real food for real health – real people eat food, not nutrients, so my recommendations are based on eating a wide range of fresh foods, oriented towards your particular health concerns, in light of your preferences and the constraints you face; good food – simply, easily and deliciously prepared, using a minimum of the kinds of unnecessary and unhealthy ingredients found in processed foods.

Supplements may sometimes be helpful – there is good evidence that supplements can be helpful in specific situations, so where that’s the case, I will make recommendations – but not as a substitute for eating well.

Lasting change isn’t easy but it is possible - making sustainable changes  can be challenging, but it’s perfectly possible with the right support, so as well as nutritional advice, I offer personal coaching to enable you to identify realistic health and wellbeing goals, plan a strategy for achieving them step-by-step, and overcome any barriers to implementing the changes you need to make.

You deserve great service –  I want you to be happy. If you aren’t happy with your consultation, I will refund the cost.