Stress management and wellbeing consultancy

Working with you to identify and understand the particular needs of your organization, as the foundation for designing tailored solutions aligned with your specific objectives including:

Stress management and wellbeing policy development

  • Formulating the business case for wellbeing as a core business strategy for your organisation
  • Supporting your organisation in developing a strategic approach to stress risk management and employee wellbeing
  • Facilitating development of a stress-management and wellbeing policy aligned with your corporate culture and business objectives

Stress auditing & risk management

  • Organisational stress risk assessment and auditing, using an evidence-based risk-assessment protocol to identify any stress hot-spots in the organisation and the underlying causes
  • Stress management planning to ensure effective risk management at all levels of the organisation
  • Staff consultation and engagement in formulating action plans to address key issues and mitigate the risks

Implementation support

  • Advice on effective staff communications and engagement around stress management and wellbeing
  • Developing wellbeing toolkits and resources to support tactical delivery of your wellbeing strategy
  • Expert support for internal wellbeing advisors tasked with implementation