Nutritional wellbeing

Individual health and wellbeing are fundamental to sustainable performance.  Personalised nutritional analysis and advice can be offered as an additional service to complement stress management and resilience coaching, or as a stand-alone service.  This can help clients to:

  • Enhance energy levels so that they can maintain engagement and productivity when working in the pressure zone
  • Manage their activation states to reduce levels of stress hormones
  • Optimise physiological functioning to support digestive, immune and other aspects of health which can be affected by pressure and stress

Personal consultations

  • 1:1 consultations for employees, from 20 minutes to 1 hour
  • Practical advice on the role of nutrition in developing physical resilience and managing the stress response
  • Advice on the role of nutrition in addressing particular health challenges, including stress-related health concerns

Full nutritional analysis

  • A detailed computerised analysis of the employee’s typical day’s eating
  • Includes 40 page report with graphs and pie-charts to aid understanding of how their diet compares to recommended minimum and optimal nutrient intakes, and advice on how to improve their diet
  • Can work as a stand-alone service, or be combined with 1:1 consultation – either a full consultation or a short telephone consultation to answer any queries about the report.

Taster tables for wellbeing days

  • Taster tables for wellbeing days displaying foods related to particular health topics to help stimulate employees’ interest in their nutritional health and inspire ideas for healthier eating
  • Can optionally be staffed by a qualified nutritionist to engage employees and answer questions