Optimum Nutrition consultation & Stress Buster consultation

Package of 3 consultations

Central London:  1 initial + 2 follow-ups:     £219 when booked and paid for in advance

Local clinics / Skype:  1 initial + 2 follow-ups:     £189 when booked and paid for in advance

Includes analysis of health, diet and lifestyle profile, consultations, support materials (meal suggestions, factsheets etc. as appropriate) and unlimited free email and telephone support*

Consultations booked separately

Central London:  Initial consultation £109 / Follow-up £89

Local clinics / Skype: Initial consultation £89 / Follow-up £59

Bite sized consultation

This consultation is carried out over the phone or via Skype video conferencing, or at local clinics only.

The fee is £45.  Includes follow-up support in the form of ideas for healthy meals and snacks.

Eat Well consultation

Central London:  £89                Local clinics:  £69

The fee for this consultation reflects the time involved in carrying out the detailed nutritional analysis, consultation time & follow-up work.

*Unlimited free telephone and email support

You are free to contact me as often as you need to with enquiries and for brief coaching support between consultations.  If I am unable to talk when you call, I will arrange a time for you to call back.  There is no contractual limit to the telephone and email support offered between consultations, however, please note that email and telephone support are not intended to replace follow-up consultations or to discuss and plan options for health improvement plans.  So there is a proviso to unlimited support:  if I felt the extent of support required or the issues being raised warranted a formal consultation, I would ask a you to make another appointment for an additional consultation and reserve the right to limit support in such circumstances, as it is in the best interests of client safety and wellbeing.

Money back guarantee

You deserve great service and  I want you to be happy. If you are unhappy with a consultation, I will refund the cost.