Neroli, in Honor Oak SE23,  provides a haven in which we can take time out to relax and recharge ourselves, a welcome refuge from the everyday pressures and challenges of our increasingly demanding lives. Offering an extensive range of skincare and body therapies with its emphasis on natural beauty, health and wellbeing, Neroli strives to provide a unique customised service on each and every visit.

I am now offering my nutrition services at Neroli.  My full range of consultations is available:

Want to eat more healthily but don’t know where to start or how to do it? Try a Bite Sized consultation to get you going.

How balanced is your diet?  Are you really eating as healthily as you think? Find out with an Eat Well assessment consultation

Do you have a particular health, wellbeing or fitness challenge that you want to address with the help of nutrition? An Optimum Nutrition consultation will show you how with a personalised plan to help you achieve your health, wellbeing and fitness goals.

Feeling a bit ‘aaargh’? Whether you’re over worked or under appreciated, trying to juggle conflicting priorities, or burning the candle at both ends, chances are you’re feeling the pressure. The stress buster consultation will show you what to eat and what to avoid to lessen the impact of stress.

You can find details of fees here.

Appointments are available on Tuesdays between 9.30am and 2pm or 4.30pm and 9.00pm.

Neroli is at 43 Honor Oak Park, SE23

Call 07902 686 301 now for an informal chat to find out more or discuss which type of consultation would be most suitable.