Stress reduction, energy management, resilience and wellbeing

Training needs analysis and evaluation planning

  • Analysis of training and development needs related to stress-management, resilience and staff wellbeing
  • Provides the foundation for strategic approach that will support individual needs and business goals
  • Enables evaluation planning based on the criteria and metrics which matter most to you

Executive briefings for your leadership team

  • Deepen management insight into the importance of wellbeing as a key driver of engagement and performance
  • The business case for a proactive approach to wellbeing, stress management and building resilience
  • Enable organisations to understand and fulfil their legal obligations for the health and wellbeing of employees

Line manager training

  • Raise managers’ awareness of their role in employee wellbeing and how to manage in a way which enables people to be at their best

Training for individuals and teams

Programmes designed to increase the capacity of individuals to manage their own health, energy and resilience, and so increase their engagement, effectiveness and performance: happy, healthy people who know where they’re going and how to bounce back are more productive people.

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